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Name: Winter Chillout Lounge 2018: Smooth Lounge Sounds For The Cold Season
Artist: VA
Year: 2018
Genre: Chillout, Lounge, Downtempo, Easy-Listening, Ambient

Duration: 04:20:13
Format / Codec: MP3
Audio Bitrate: 320 kbps


01. Airstream - Pray (Smooth Clouds Cut) [6:00]
02. Dj Maretimo - The Phunky Monkey (The Bass Slider Cut) [5:42]
03. Frank Borell - Triple Vibe (Misterious Dream Mix) [5:31]
04. Jazz City - Hold Me Back (Cinematic Mix) [6:05]
05. Le Voyage - Long Time Ago (Key 7 Mix) [6:02]
06. Cinematic - Empty Room (Daydreaming Mix) [6:55]
07. Vladi Strecker - The Journey To Perfect (Lazy Afternoon Cut) [7:48]
08. Sean Hayman - Mirage (Illusion Mix) [5:31]
09. Lovechair - Promenade (At The Sea Mix) [5:10]
10. Mahoroba - Chimes In Motion (Passion Cut) [5:20]
11. Laid Back Avenue - Keeda (Juniorґs Mix) [4:54]
12. Le Voyage - Poison (The Red Button Mix) [5:13]
13. Space Tourist - Lightyears From Earth (Outer Space Mix) [5:23]
14. Lovechair - French Poem (Pianissimo Cut) [3:09]
15. Frank Borell - Deep Moods (Yesterday Mix) [4:15]
16. Vladi Strecker - Do You Remember (Midnight Mix) [6:53]
17. Cinematic - We Can Do It (Nightway Mix) [5:36]
18. Sean Hayman - Deep Lagoon (Mystic Fly Mix) [5:31]
19. Frank Borell - Beauty Lights (Sentimental Mix) [4:52]
20. Airstream - One Way (Dreamtime Mix) [6:14]
21. Citrus Jam - Goodbye Venice (Pianissimo Mix) [5:43]
22. Sean Hayman - Deep Believe (On Da Way Mix) [5:36]
23. Cinematic - In My Soul (Stretch Your Mind Cut) [4:52]
24. Frank Borell - Miramane (Full Relaxed Mix) [5:36]
25. Sky Loft - Relax At The Fireplace (Flames Of Love Mix) [4:40]
26. Dj Maretimo - Winter Chillout Lounge 2018 (Continuous Mix) [2:01:41]

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VA - Winter Chillout Lounge 2018: Smooth Lounge Sounds For The Cold Season (2018) MP3 [320 kbps]


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icon 06-cinematic_-_empty_room_(daydreaming_mix).mp315.8 MB
icon 16-vladi_strecker_-_do_you_remember_(midnight_mix).mp315.8 MB
icon 20-airstream_-_one_way_(dreamtime_mix).mp314.3 MB
icon 04-jazz_city_-_hold_me_back_(cinematic_mix).mp313.9 MB
icon 05-le_voyage_-_long_time_ago_(key_7_mix).mp313.8 MB
icon 01-airstream_-_pray_(smooth_clouds_cut).mp313.7 MB
icon 21-citrus_jam_-_goodbye_venice_(pianissimo_mix).mp313.1 MB
icon 02-dj_maretimo_-_the_phunky_monkey_(the_bass_slider_cut).mp313.1 MB
icon 22-sean_hayman_-_deep_believe_(on_da_way_mix).mp312.8 MB
icon 24-frank_borell_-_miramane_(full_relaxed_mix).mp312.8 MB
icon 17-cinematic_-_we_can_do_it_(nightway_mix).mp312.8 MB
icon 18-sean_hayman_-_deep_lagoon_(mystic_fly_mix).mp312.6 MB
icon 08-sean_hayman_-_mirage_(illusion_mix).mp312.6 MB
icon 03-frank_borell_-_triple_vibe_(misterious_dream_mix).mp312.6 MB
icon 13-space_tourist_-_lightyears_from_earth_(outer_space_mix).mp312.3 MB
icon 10-mahoroba_-_chimes_in_motion_(passion_cut).mp312.2 MB
icon 12-le_voyage_-_poison_(the_red_button_mix).mp312 MB
icon 09-lovechair_-_promenade_(at_the_sea_mix).mp311.8 MB
icon 23-cinematic_-_in_my_soul_(stretch_your_mind_cut).mp311.2 MB
icon 19-frank_borell_-_beauty_lights_(sentimental_mix).mp311.2 MB
icon 11-laid_back_avenue_-_keeda_(juniors_mix).mp311.2 MB
icon 25-sky_loft_-_relax_at_the_fireplace_(flames_of_love_mix).mp310.7 MB