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Judas Priest - Essentials (2018) 320
Judas Priest - Essentials (2018) 320
Size223 MB in 24 files
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Artist: Judas Priest

Album: Essentials

Year: 2018

Genre: Metal

Bitrate: mp3 320 kbps

Size: 223 mb


1 Breaking the Law

2 You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’

3 Painkiller

4 Living After Midnight

5 Turbo Lover

6 The Hellion

7 Electric Eye

8 Lightning Strike

9 Hell Bent for Leather

10 Some Heads Are Gonna Roll

11 Exciter

12 Screaming for Vengeance

13 Metal Gods

14 The Green Manalishi (With the Two Pronged Crown)

15 Heading Out to the Highway

16 The Sentinel

17 Ram It Down

18 Freewheel Burning

19 Beyond the Realms of Death

20 Delivering the Goods

21 Love Bites

22 Desert Plains

23 Diamonds and Rust

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icon 20 Delivering the Goods.mp39.8 MB
icon 10 Some Heads Are Gonna Roll.mp39.5 MB
icon 13 Metal Gods.mp39.2 MB
icon 15 Heading Out to the Highway.mp38.6 MB
icon 7 Electric Eye.mp38.5 MB
icon 4 Living After Midnight.mp38.1 MB
icon 8 Lightning Strike.mp38 MB
icon 23 Diamonds and Rust.mp37.8 MB
icon 14 The Green Manalishi (With the Two Pronged Crown).mp37.7 MB
icon 9 Hell Bent for Leather.mp36.1 MB
icon 1 Breaking the Law.mp36 MB
icon folder.jpg41 KB
icon 19 Beyond the Realms of Death.mp315.7 MB
icon 3 Painkiller.mp314 MB
icon 11 Exciter.mp312.7 MB
icon 5 Turbo Lover.mp312.7 MB
icon 2 You've Got Another Thing Comin'.mp311.8 MB
icon 16 The Sentinel.mp311.6 MB
icon 17 Ram It Down.mp311.1 MB
icon 21 Love Bites.mp311 MB
icon 12 Screaming for Vengeance.mp310.9 MB
icon 22 Desert Plains.mp310.5 MB
icon 18 Freewheel Burning.mp310.1 MB
icon 6 The Hellion.mp31.6 MB